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Noor Lorist (b. 1997) is an interdisciplinary designer and art director from the Netherlands. She enjoys doing research and makes work with depth, using different media. Emphasis is always on the content. Lorist is socially involved and politically engaged. Feminism and inclusivity are important factors in her work.
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instagram @noorlorist

Education & experience

2018                                   Studio internship at INDIE Amsterdam
2016 – 2019                       ArtEZ Honours Programme
2015 – 2019                       Crossmedia Design at AKI ArtEZ, Enschede
2009 – 2015                       International Baccalaureate English


Kunst of je leven – Leidt lijden tot betere kunst? (2017) Treatise.
Het effect van dromen op creativiteit. (2019) BA Thesis.
Advertising vs Propaganda – on the ethics of design. (2019) Honours Programme Artistic Research.
Responsibilities of a modern designer. (2019)
An ode to female friendship. (2019)


AKI Graduates at Fotogallery Objektief, Enschede (July 21 – August 17 2019)
ArtEZ Finals, Enschede (June 28 – July 3 2019)
Ngotism at Studio Sarphaat, Amsterdam (November 2018)

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